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Ornamental pear tree

Help. Please.    Just noticed brown curled tips of leaves on my  ornamental pear ( chanticleer ). Young tree    What can I do ?      


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Without seeing the leaves, it's difficult to say for sure what could be the issue. If you are able to, post a photo so others can help more. But, based on the mention of 'young tree' I will assume it's a tree that is not fully formed, and roots are still shallow.

    High winds and lack of water can cause leaves to curl and even dry and turn brown. If you have planted them in an open area with lack of barriers, then the tree may suffer a bit when it is very windy. And there has been plenty of that this year alone.

    Watering is also something that needs looking into. Young trees are vulnerable to water stress, and even at 2-3 years, in dry spells or very warm weather, they will need generous watering in the evening time to get the most out of watering. Always try to keep weeds and grass away from the trunk areas too. This helps the tree to settle in better with less competition. 
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