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I have been offered these bricks on Freecycle to build a small retaining wall (to support a dropped level in the garden)
What type of bricks are these? Are they suitable for a small retaining wall (0.75m high)?
I need to try and workout the measurements and weight of each brick so I can workout how many bricks I need? And what transport I would need to arrange?
If anyone has any advice/guidance with these bricks that would be greatly appreciated as I will be DIYing this - is it a case of laying concrete footing, then building up with mortar? 


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    I asked my husband and he says they're engineering bricks normally used for putting under a damp proof course. The holes are there so that the mortar goes into them
    Ps if they were mine I'd leave the holes exposed on the top course and plant sedums in them
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    @B3 thank you very much. Any idea if they are suitable for a wall that would be buried in soil pretty much? Thank you 
  • B3B3 Posts: 11,343
    Yes that's what they're made for 
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    If it helps, the rule of thumb is around 60 bricks per square metre. For a retaining wall about 3 foot high you would need to lay a double course with pillars every ? feet. 
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