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Delphinium Hybrid Seeds

theend00theend00 Posts: 48
Hey there! I apologise if I'm spamming silly questions, I am a beginner at best.

Last winter I bought many delphinium seeds, thankfully the vast majority were successful ! I got many varieties, King Arthur, Pacific Giants, Bee, and Delphinium Elatum hybrids. I know that the genetics of Elatum exist in virtually all of them , but my question is more about the seeds for propagating them. 

Many sites say they don't seed true, I presume this means that their colour may differ because of pollination, but then I began to wonder if it meant they were sterile, or they would return to their wild form ? 

I would be very happy if they reverted to their wild form , and there are nothing but blues in the garden anyway. How do second generation delphiniums fare? 

Thanks for everything so far :3

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