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sickly crab apple

I planted a new crab apple 18 months ago - very small - just one stem. That stem bore flowers and tiny fruit in its first autumn but no side shoots. This spring side shoots appeared but any flowers withered and the new leaves have developed brown patches and some have shrivelled up. This coincided with the very dry spell. When I realised what was happening I started watering and now we are getting good rain but things are not improving. Any suggestions for cause and cure? A few yards away in a neighbour's garden is a large quite old apple tree. It looks healthy but could there be an infection?


  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,334
    This has happened to my newly planted pear tree - I think it's struggling because it had very little root when planted (I should have taken it back straight away!)

    Some of the growth is still attached and green but they've got frazzled edges and it just stopped growing. It started to leaf out in spring but stopped and a lot of that growth has just gone brown

    I'm just going to try and keep it well watered and pray that it manages to survive through to Autumn and does better next year.
    East Yorkshire
  • triciakatetriciakate Posts: 18
    Thank you, Mr Vine Eye. Water and prayer sounds like a pretty good mix to me.
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