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discolouration of leaf

Hi everyone. This is my firs post so I am not sure how this works but I am worried about some of my plants. My Geum and my Scabiousa, both in pots, are showing some signs of discoloured leaves. There are some leaves yellowing on the scabiousa and on both of the plants I have some leaves turning redish/purple. They were only potted about 1 week ago. The redish purple colour seems to be through the veins around the edge of the leaves. I have some yellowing on other perennials I have potted at the same time too. I have just been removing these discoloured leaves as and when. I really tried to pot up all my plants in the conditions best for them. Look forward to hearing from anyone. PS I am a newbie Gardener so any advice is welcome. Thank you!


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    I think it's best you post a photo of each plant to be sure.

    Yellowing around base leaves happens for many perennials. As your plants grow taller and mature, the lower leaves grow older and beginning to die out, and sometimes, they turn yellow first. Normally, this will not affect your plant.

    Purple in foliage can be a number of reasons, ranging from stressed plants to cold night temperatures, and sometimes fungal infections. 

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    Thanks for the speedy response @Borderline. That’s reassuring to know about the yellowing leaves. I’ve attached some photos of the leaves on the Scabiousa and Geum
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  • amymorg1amymorg1 Posts: 11
    Update: I have just noticed from the photo I took an aphid on the leaf! Could that be causing my problems?
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    Thanks for taking the photos. Nothing to worry about, the first photo of some purple edges are local weather conditions causing leaves to turn that colour. Most likely cold wind damage but will not cause issues for your plant.

    Second and third photos are some signs of a fungal infection, again could be from damp conditions, so make sure the pots are watered from the base and make sure there is good drainage. Aphids can sometimes transfer pests and diseases to plants but generally it will not cause lasting damage.

    The aim is to create good air flow and not to overfeed too much, that can attract the aphids, but sometimes warm humid conditions can do that anyway. Just set a spray on jet setting and squirt them off with water. Your plant should be fine. 
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some advice. The weather conditions would make sense as I live right on the seafront and we have had some strong winds in the past week. Also the two plants struggling are my only two in plastic pots which I have had to drill holes in to, I wonder if it’s worth adding a hole or two. I feel much more relieved now. 
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    I grow all my plants in pots and some of my pots only have one hole so I tend to lay old crushed polystyrene bits at the base before filling up with soil.

    This is particularly useful when using larger size pots. You can do something similar using large stones etc, this helps water to drain away rather than staying all wet at the base after watering.

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