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Hi I hope someone can advise. I have a metal raised bed and wanted to put it onto the patio. I understand that it needs to drain and I'm confused what to do. Do I put a liner in the bottom and sides and drill drainage holes into the sides? The height is 46cm . I was intending to use it for vegetables.  


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    Surely it will need to drain wherever it is? Make sure the liner is porous, such as an old bit of fleece.
    Or do you you mean that the holes are in the bottom and it will be sitting on a solid base? If so, you could raise it slightly with some bricks or pieces of wood, to allow it to drain more easily.

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    @guildford2016 I am guessing that it doesn't have any existing drainage holes at all, or at least not enough. What is the width and depth ?
    If you drilled drainage holes in the bottom, l would raise it up (on bricks for example) so that the water can drain away. You might not want to spoil the look of it with holes along the side.
    Post a photo if you think it might help  :)
  • Thankyou Thankyou @AnniD and @Buttercupdays  I'm new on here and it's brilliant to have some advice! As you can see on the pictures now that it is really just a hollow frame. Good if going upon soil but really wanted it to go on the patio (which you can see in last picture) to extend planting options. I didn't really think this through... 

    The pictures show the patio area where I'd like it to go eventually (not the grass area which I can just dig up and use normally)
    so should I put it upon the patio with a lining and drill hole at side ? As you can see there are no drainage holes at side at all. It's 120cm x 46cm high. 
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    If you want it to go on the patio, then yes, drill holes at the sides. Personally l would drill at least three holes in each section, but others may say differently. I think the problem with it being metal, is that it will retain quite a bit of heat in summer and might cook the roots. I'm no expert though !
    I have had a look online and it seems to be a popular way of growing veg and it will certainly look very stylish. What sort of things were you thinking of growing? 
  • Originally it was intended for squash and pumpkin during summer and then a brassica bed for winter early spring . I didn't consider the fact that it would retain heat however! I shall line it at the base then and have fun drilling through the metal ha ha! Thanks @AnniD
  • That's if it ever stops raining!!! Kitchen turned into a potting shed seedling nursery in the meantime!
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    And of course don’t forget to have a layer of coarse gravel or some sort of free draining material at the base. 
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