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Ants in dahlia tuber!

I planted out my tubers in pots as normal this year. I noticed one had no sprout of growth and then I discovered an infestation of ants in the soil and probably in the tuber. I dug it up and tried to free it of ants.  The tuber is still in tact, hard and no mould or rot so now it is hung up in my shed and I have ditched the soil.  Do you think I can revive the tuber?  (It is years old passed on from our Grandad and I am really keen to save it! 


  • AndyDeanAndyDean Posts: 157
    I'd be surprised to hear that ants damaged tubers, although someone more knowledgeable than me may say otherwise... If the ants were nesting in the pot then I'd guess it was pretty dry in there, possibly not great conditions for the dahlia.

    If the tuber seems healthy then I'm sure it'll grow at some point - mine have been rather variable in starting growth. Don't know what factors are in play there, but some are significantly bigger than others.
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