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Shallots looking pretty sad

Hello all,
I was hoping to get a bit of advice on why my shallots seem to have given up. 
I started them of in modules and planted them out at the end of March/early April but over the past couple of weeks they just seem to be turning yellow and flopping over.

I only started on this plot in February so I'm not sure what was in the soil before these went in but I didn't add too much manure when I dug the soil over because I was originally going to put leeks here. In the photo you can see a bare bit of soil to the left of the shallots, there used to be paving slabs here and the soil is quite compacted. After about a spades depth there is is some pretty heavy clay in this area but I dug the rest of the bed quite well so didn't think it would be too much of a problem but maybe that's the reason.

I did dig one up to see any evidence of rot or mould but couldn't see much. The neighbors shallots seem to be perfectly fine. 

If you have any experience with shallots and/or this problem then I would be very grateful for some advice, I'm new to this so willing to learn from my mistakes for next year!

Thank you in advance!

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