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Chelsea chop right now??

AllyblueeyesAllyblueeyes Posts: 403

Morning all, quick question.  Is it too late to give plants the Chelsea chop on 13th June?

My perennials (mostly geraniums (hardy) sedum, achillea, ox-eye daisies, euphorbia, phlox, geum) are all looking so healthy but I’m aware they will get too leggy in no time.  As they look so well,  I’d like to leave the ‘chop’ until the day before I go away, so as to give them chance to regrow a bit whilst I’m away.

Should it be done now or can it wait a week?

Thanks in advance everyone.


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,449
    I don't think it will do the hardy geraniums any harm to wait, just chop them back and give them a good drink. I think the sedums could wait as well, but l'm not sure about the rest to be honest. 
    You could hedge your bets and cut back part of the plant now and the rest later to give you "staggered" flowering.
  • AllyblueeyesAllyblueeyes Posts: 403
    Thanks AnniD, I’m going to risk it and leave til the day before I go away.  Time will tell! 
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