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Lupins are dying

I should have a picture, but non available at the moment.  From this description can anyone give me an answer.  My plug Lupins are now 4 - 6 inches tall, with one or two larger mature leaves (the typically shaped Lupin leaf) and some smaller leaves that are not fully grown.  The larger leaves are beginning to keel over, dying in fact, and eventually the plants look like they are rotting off.  Can you over water Lupins?  I thought they were thirsty plants. Any tips would be helpful, thanks.


  • EricaheatherEricaheather Posts: 204
    I have had exactly the same problem. So hoping someone knows. My leaves are curling first then just dying completely. Checked but no sign of aphids or slugs that I could see. 
  • Yes Ericaheather, hopefully someone will be able to give us some advice.  No insects on mine either, and so disappointed with them as I watch them curling up, the plants all looked so healthy a week ago and I was hoping that some may have flowering spikes this year too.
  • HelixHelix Posts: 631
    edited June 2019
    Does it look like damping off disease?  Or is that too stupid a suggestion?  I think it can affect bigger seedlings as well as teenies.

    If all else fails I would sacrifice one and pull it up to see what the roots are like.
  • EricaheatherEricaheather Posts: 204
    It's possible. I'm a newbie gardener so any advice or possibilities welcome for me. What would I be looking for with the roots please?
  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
    My small baby lupins aren't doing too well either.  Must be the weather affecting them......elsewhere in the garden, the poppies are going for world domination.......they are gigantic this year
  • What does damping off disease look like with Lupins Helix, this may be the answer, but could you describe how it would look please?
  • nultyphilip224nultyphilip224 Posts: 923
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    @Helix,..not at all a bad suggestion in fact it would be the first thing to come to my mind as its from the beginning it happens,..seedlings affected mostly but it can effect plants as soon as planted out as well as in the plug stage,.. and its a Fungi like disease causing seedlings to collapse so you really do not see any signs of the Fungi,..just the collapse,..that's really Damping Off Disease.

    There are many diseases that attack Lupins and one big problem is the Lupine Aphid which is a sap sucking insect, just think about the results of a sap sucking insects attack on your Lupins, sap then collapse,..worse is the Giant Lupin Aphid,..none of this is being helpful to folks with the collapse problem, its down to a spray of sorts.

    21st of April,..on the left behind the tall pot,..there are 12 Lupin.

    Mine on April 29th.

    As of today,..starting to bloom.

    I have grown Lupins for quite a few years no problems with seedlings,..or cuttings from any diseases or Aphids because i use Neem Oil,..its Organic,..will not harm Butterflies or Bees or anything that does not eat foliage,..Lacewings or Lady Bugs,..Pets or Humans,..i begin spraying at the start of Spring so no Slugs or Snails,..i have lots of Bees to prove its not harmful plus 4 Hedgehogs.

    Neem Oil is collected from the tree and cold pressed to extract the oil.

    I spray inside the greenhouse as well.

    1 Tablespoon of Neem Oil.
    1 Tablespoon of Liquid Soap.

    Add to 1 Litre of tepid water (tepid to disperse the oil )
    Spray with a spray bottle, a cloud spray setting, can reduce the mix after a few weeks,..spray on a dull day of course.

  • EricaheatherEricaheather Posts: 204
    Certainly does sound like damping off doesn't it. Was so looking forward to having lupins this year. Never done well with them. Next year I think I will have to invest in neem oil. I have seen a lot of you talking about it on various boards in here. Thank you @Helix And @nultyphilip224. And thank you @Guernsey Donkey2 for raising the issue. 
  • Further to my previous post on ''Damping Off Disease'', may be able to do some immediate rescue from Damp Off,..scroll down to Remedies on the link below,..the Mix there is something one may have at home or find it easier to get as compared to Neem Oil,..the latter is not so easy to come across and does not have an immediate reaction but is a build up process,..Note there is no real cure for ''Damp Off'' but it can be prevented from developing.

    One can get Neem Oil by way of Amazon if thinking of future plant protection.
  • EricaheatherEricaheather Posts: 204
    Thank you
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