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Honeysuckle Hall's Prolific

I originally bought a Clematis as a climber but unfortunately it had Clematis Rot so I replaced it with a Honeysuckle Hall’s Prolific.

The Honeysuckle Hall’s Profilic was planted about two years ago however I have a few questions as it doesn’t seem to be growing too well – photos attached.

  • There seem to be two types of leaves on the plant and both are climbing.  The first two photos are showing signs of being similar to Honeysuckle Hall’s Prolific however the 3rd and 4th photos are completely different, are these weeds?  If so I will try to establish where they are coming from in the ground and remove them as it is all tangled up with the climber.
  • The ‘overall plant’ shows that it seems to be growing much faster at the top – is this normal and then it will spread to the bottom?
  • There have been no signs at all of any flowers coming through during a summer yet.  Perhaps it takes a while for the climber to establish itself?


Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  It does say on the card that it is hardy and easy to grow.  I have followed a few pointers on the internet to try and help it – thinning out the old wood and placing a couple of inches of compost above the soil at the bottom.





  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,733
    They're wisteria leaves. Do you have a wisteria growing anywhere near (or not so near) it?
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  • Hi

    Thanks for your fast response it is much appreciated.

    That is a surprise to me - a Wisteria growing alongside the Honeysuckle.  Since moving in I haven’t ever planted a Wisteria and cannot recall ever seeing one in the flowerbed before.

    Is it possible to grow Honeysuckle Hall’s Prolific and Wisteria so close together?  The Wisteria looks fantastic from Google images but would you remove it?  As I see on the internet that some people say planting Wisteria by a house isn’t something you want to do because the vines of Wisteria are aggressive growers that can cause substantial damage.  As you can see from the photos is it right next to my summerhouse.


    Do you have any tips for removing the Wisteria without damaging the roots of the Honeysuckle Hall’s Prolific?  As they are both in exactly the same place climbing at the moment.



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