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Skimmia seedlings

Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
I have a Skimmia japonica Temptation which I brought for Christmas 2017. It was laden with berries. I later bought a Skimmia rubrum so that the flowers would be pollinated. It was laden with berries last Christmas too. This spring, whilst tending to the soil and removing some moss which had appeared, I noticed that some of last year's berries had germinated. I can never throw new seedlings away so they are currently putting on a bit of growth before I transplant them into their own small pots. My question is,  does anyone know whether they will be male or female? From past experience, when holly has seeded itself in, you can't tell until you get some flowers and are able to see the berry or the stamens. If that's the case, has anyone experience to know how long it might be before they flower? 
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