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The first in my Hosta roster - help and advice.

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  • It looks to me like nothing much to worry about. If you decide to grow hostas long-term, you have to accept the odd cosmetic imperfection. As they mature and bush up, then you have the opportunity to remove any damaged foliage but being such young a plant, I'd leave it well alone to grow and get stronger. Two Sum and Substance plants I got from Great Dixter's nursery last year had only three leaves each, this spring they have tripled in size...just be prepared for night time slug and snail patrols...they absolutely love crunching though them. But such magnificent plants.
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    I'd agree. Weather damage is usually the cause, but when foliage is big, on any plant, it's more vulnerable to that. As they mature and strengthen up over the years, they withstand it better.  :)
    If you're really bothered, you could prop it up a little with a small twig or two, but as it grows and fills out, that damaged one will become covered, and you can just remove it.
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