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dannyblack140492dannyblack140492 Posts: 29
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Evening all 

Yes apologies another blooming post asking for help haha I'm getting carried away with this forum now I've found it!

Just took some snaps of some of the life in the garden and obviously keen to know more about each so I can learn how best to maintain it 












  • AstroAstro Posts: 407
    Top one looks like honeysuckle to me , the shiny leaves look like laurel. The purple, lilac like whisteria. The rest I've seen but don't know
  • Loraine3Loraine3 Posts: 569
    Last one is Pyracantha, can they be numbered when so many, makes it easier to reply. 
  • Loraine3Loraine3 Posts: 569
    One with the owls is lilac
  • Sure I'll edit the post now 
  • Loraine3Loraine3 Posts: 569
    Second picture is Acer on the left, Buddlia on the right, possibly Eleagnus in the centre, purple flower at bottom is Allium with a Hosta at bottom right.
  • Wow that's great thanks  Lorraine! I'll add them to my notes and do more research 
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    1 - Honeysuckle, Lonicera.
    2 - Honeysuckle, Lonicera
    3 - Cherry Laurel, Prunus Laurocerasus.
    4 - Maybe a Hydrangea, but best take a photo further out.
    5 - ?
    6 - Wisteria.
    7 - Could be a Viburnum Tinus, but need a photo of leaves or a shot further out.
    8 - Lilac shrub, Syringa.
    9 - Need a more focused shot of leaves. Could be a Forsythia shrub.
    10 - Could be a Pyracantha shrub. Any thorns on the branches?
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