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Growing Melons

bazabaza Posts: 670
Hello Everyone 
I'm growing a melon plant for the first time in the greenhouse . I'm not sure what to expect so any advice would come in great


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,366
    Have you grown cucumbers before ? treat similar . Is it self fertile variety. 
  • bazabaza Posts: 670
    I do grow cucumbers but I'm not sure if the melons take up a lot of room in the greenhouse.  I'm not sure of the variety as I picked up a packet of seeds from wilko.  But I think its gonna trial and error 
    Thanks Perki 
  • I grow melons alongside my cucumbers and treat them much the same. They do like to do a bit of empire-building if you let them though so keep an eye on them to keep them growing in the direction you want.
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