Talkback: Raspberry beetle

Should I be feeling smug that we had a bumper raspberry harvest this year? According to one of our allotment inspectors it was 2008 when south London raspberries failed. No sign of Byturus though.


  • We too have had record numbers of raspberries, in SE London. In fact all our fruit is unexpectedly looking good this year. Our neighbour even had peaches for the first time
  • I am growing tomato, variety Garden Pearl( a compact bushy variety)in containers on a sunny patio. It`s growing well & setting lots of fruit, which are swelling nicely. They seem to be trying to turn red. Do i just have to be patient, or is there anything else i can do other than a sun dance!?! I feed them at least once a week and water well daily. Regards Carole
  • Keep to the sun dance!!! It will happen, but should the fruits be spoiled by excessive wet weather, pick them off as later fruits will (weather permitting!) be fine!
  • Re: raspberry beetle. On my allotment in Norfolk I lost 90% of my loganberries and in the end just gave up picking them,I had used liquid derris in previous year which gave nearly 100% effective. Marshalls advised the use of the contact inscticide Py. During July most of my early blackberries were devoured by flying insects - flies, wasps, hovers,et al.
  • Re: raspberry bettle. I am enjoying the biggest ever crop on Autumn Bliss this year with very little damage from raspberry beetle. But there are a lot of wasps around. Would they be helping to keep the beetles in check?
  • Re: Autumn Raspberries. What's gone wrong? The canes were planted in 2006 from a reputable nursery. But so far no sign of a raspberry. I had good strong canes with plenty of healthy leaves but not a flower in sight. My summer fruiting ones were superb with plenty of good sized fruit.
  • Pippa, I've discovered (probably rather late) that derris is being withdrawn from October 2009 - I need to find out why, as we use it on our veg, but can you advise me what we can use instead - we try to be organic.

  • There is a trap available from organic suppliers, which is put in place in Spring and lures the critters away from the canes to their demise. I'm going to try it next year, as the first of my Autumn fruiters  (Joan J) are affected. Didn't realise it was so widespread. Here's hoping for better luck nexy year!

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