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Red Valerian - leaves curling

I'm hoping someone can help me identify a problem I have with a red valerian and offer some suggestions for how to treat it. I salvaged the valerian plant from my late mother's garden, she enjoyed her garden and I wanted to keep some of it "in the family". At the moment I don't have a garden so I've been forced to plant the valerian in a pot. The first year it seemed to do well but this year a lot of the leaves have curled up at the edges and they've turned a pale green/bright pink colour (see the attached image). I can't see any insects on the leaves. At first I cut off all the affected leaves to see if that would stop the spread, it didn't. I then thought it might be something in the soil so I cleaned all the old soil off the roots and repotted the plant in fresh soil. More leaves have since curled and changed colour. At the moment it's in a sunny position, the soil is free draining and at the moment I'm watering when the soil looks/feels dry. Is there a way to save the plant? Ideally I'd prefer a chemical free solution. I'm a novice gardener so I'm hoping someone with experience will be able to help. Many thanks in advance. Phil


  • B3B3 Posts: 25,296
    I noticed that on some of mine. I just removed the leaf and disposed of it. I assume there had been an insect in there.
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,450
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    @philipacooper I think it might be this
    Edited to add, as B3 says, l would just remove the affected leaves for now.
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,171
    all part of our ever diminishing biodiversity. What's a few curled leaves against the future, including our future?

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  • Thanks AnniD the images on naturespot look exactly the same as I'm seeing so it looks as if it's definitely trioza centranthi. It doesn't seem to kill the plant so I'll leave it for the moment and keep an eye on the leaves to see if it gets worse and then I might prune as B3 said.
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