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loliloli Posts: 61
As I had my garden rejigged this year. Lots of my labels blew away/disappeared. I have this fast growing but flowerless plant growing and for the life of me cannot remember what was in the pot last year. I’m now second guessing myself that anything similar was ever in it as I have spent my weekend picking weeds grown from bird seed spillage and my previously identified random potato plant surprise addition. 


  • I'm admittedly a very novice gardener, but I posted a similar post last night of some very similar looking plants, and was told it was Willowherb...essentially a weed.
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,145
    I think that's an Aster, not Willowherb anyway

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  • nutcutlet said:
    I think that's an Aster, not Willowherb anyway
    Aren't Asters all flowered by now? 
  • nutcutlet said:
    I think that's an Aster, not Willowherb anyway
    Aren't Asters all flowered by now? 
    Not up here they're not, nowhere near being in flower, but then a lot of asters don't flower till the end of summer, and since summer hasn't really started everywhere then there will be plenty yet to bloom. And I'd agree, it looks like my asters so I'd say it's an aster.
  • loliloli Posts: 61
    Ooh it could indeed be an aster. I think I rescued one of them from an unwatered supermarket shelf last year. Definitely not willowherb, I pluck that regularly. 
  • BrexiteerBrexiteer Posts: 955
    My asters don't flower till September 😂
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,099
    Aster is a loose term used to describe one of the 4 main plant families - Asteraceae (formerly Compositae) - and refers to the composite star like blooms.  It includes the simple daisy in your lawn which can be in flower nearly all year here as well as Michaelmas daisies which flower in late summer/early autumn.   There are teeny alpine forms and others, such as sunflowers, which can get very tall indeed.

    I don't think the ones in the photo are willow herb.   Keep them watered and fed and wait and see what the flowers are like.   If you don't like them, offer the plant to a friend or else pull it out before they have a chance to set seed and spread.
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