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    chicky As requested-will also put some more into the Front garden redesign post.Veg garden pathway. Front is the herb garden with flowers planted in around them.
    Set out the bird feeder to keep them from eating my last three ears of sweetcorn-going to seed.
    We were going to put in a greenhouse on either side, but OH decided he was really enjoying the way I've set it up. Instead he is going to build one at the end on the yard where the two mountain ash currently reside.
    We find the birds don't really appreciate the berries, and the trees don't quite block the view as much as we like back there, plus a greenhouse would get optimal light at that end of the yard.

    Green peppers are surrounded by marigolds. As soon as they start turning red, something starts eating them. If I want red peppers, I have to ripen them on the kitchen counter.

    The view from the back of the veg garden. I had my onion rows at the front and back of the strawberries and it worked well to keep the pests away. Only got one or two stray ants/slugs. Minimal damage. The container top center is some of the strawberry runners growing in a manure/garden soil mix.

    The view from what we call the zen garden. Chicken wire tacked in with bamboo sticks to support my fall/winter peas.

    Potted up my white and pink kalanchoe (will bring indoors for winter) and my Persian Shield Plant. The shield plant spent the summer in the zen garden and flourished. I chopped it back quite a bit. The other smaller containers are seedum started from cuttings, centre one is dragons blood.

    The fountain on the deck can be heard from the entrance to the vegetable garden. Doesn't quite drown out the neighborhood sounds. Still a nice ambiance though.

    My Aquilegia has rebloomed, along with my snapdragons. The Rudbeckia is all from seed directly sown in the spring. I transplanted some purple bachelor buttons from the balcony planters into this bed when the temperature got too hot for them.

    This is a completely new flower bed this year cut out of the landscaping cloth and bark mulch as I went along. It is tucked in on the north side of our Pergola. The light blue bee balm is done, and a purple scabiosa has not bloomed yet. Globe flower-center right-has been and gone. I suspect the Cosmos will be pale pink.

    Another shot of the zen garden. The lowest point in the garden means it stays moist. There are three different colored scabiosa plants, Verbena, Astrantia-star of billions, Snapdragons, Phlox seeding everywhere (going to move them out front as it's too much color and detracts from the rest), and a lot of white Aquilegia.
    At the back is dark and light purple speedwell. Not sure of their varieties but I must divide them this fall and distribute it along that flowerbed evenly.
    Not sure about the color combination of that heuchera, and may need to move it out. Dead center in the picture is the white speedwell.
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    Looks wonderful Housefinch - can’t believe that is all one years work - you’ve achieved so much 🤩
    We did not inherit the earth from our grandparents.  We’re borrowing it from our children.
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    Yes, it's amazing 😊 and with 2 (?) little finchlings at home too -when mine were tiny it was chaos indoors never mind the garden!
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    Gorgeous garden Housefinch! The colour combinations and the swathe of cosmos are beautiful, you have done a remarkable job and created a wonderful sanctuary.  Very well done, love it.
    North East
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    Really enjoyed reading this thread. How hard have you worked! All looks wonderful
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    Thank you all! Just imagine what we can accomplish with a greenhouse ;) Very excited.
  • HouseFinchHouseFinch British Columbia, Canada (Zone 5)Posts: 281
    The back border has had a lot of change to it this year. The giant miscanthus did not grow as much as we expected it to, but we are holding out hope that it will reach it's full potential next year. Hopefully it will camouflage the recently installed fencing. The miscanthus 'little kitten' staggered along in front of the giants, though cute, did not fill the shoes of the sinesis that the nursery substituted it for when the sinesis proved dead-on-arrival this spring. We may end up relocating the little kitten in future, as it was meant to provide gradient height leading up to the giants, and 3 feet just doesn't cut it.
    I have divided up the five massive clumps of irises, and moved the pieces I kept closer to the miscanthus. I plan to fill in the middle with Rudbeckia, Echinacea, poppies, alliums, etc. The planting is bound to evolve over time.
    The front edge will have more of the Blue fescue as more of a natural border between lawn and flower bed.
     Watching Garden Rescue helped me identify the mystery plant I got for free this year (located along the center of the border) as Bergenia.
    We have yet to mow under the Katsura. The tree is showing signs of stress. There is black spotting on some of the upper leaves-something I need to look into.
    The herb garden has done extremely well this year. The salvia amistad-planted on the left-has been successfully propagated. Two of the cuttings seem to have rooted, so they can replace the existing if it does not survive winter, or be added to the corner in spring if it does.Blueberries have been weeded, acidified, and mulched with peat moss. Some are already turning red for fall. It is so sad to see the summer gone.
    Next step is taking down the fountain, ornaments, and solar lights. All tender plants have been housebound again. Forecast says 3 Celsius lows for us this weekend. It has been feeling that temperature every morning with the cold and damp.
    Time to start burning some of the extra wood in the chimnea. Will be nice to be able to mix it in with the compost for the veg garden.
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    What a fantastic job you've done @HouseFinch  :)
  • HouseFinchHouseFinch British Columbia, Canada (Zone 5)Posts: 281
    Thank you @AnniD
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