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Murad Uddin

Dear All

I have two beautiful ornamental bay trees in pots which I have owned for around 10 years. They are around 1.5m tall and are in the shape of lollipops.

A few months ago, we had some good weather and I decided to water them and mixed some Baby Bio drops in the water. Unfortunately I hadn't realised that after watering they were standing in water for quite some time and a few weeks ago I noticed that the leaves were beginning to turn brown. At first I thought nothing of it but now pretty much all the leaves on both plants are brown and many are dropping off. I also notice that many of the thinner branches are also drying up and turning brown.

I am desperately looking for some advice and guidance on what I can do to help them recover and keep the lollipop shape.

Thank you in advance,



  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,585
    Assuming there are still green shoot -

    First of all make sure they are now well drained.  If they have been in the same pots for more than a year or two try potting them into slightly bigger pots with fresh, loam based compost as this drains better than multi purpose.   Water well but make sure they can drain by standing the pots on feet or bricks.

    Cross fingers and be patient.   If and when new shoots form, prune to shape.   Top dress every spring with some fresh compost and slow release fertiliser.
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