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Autumn/winter bedding plants

JohnnypJohnnyp Posts: 69
Morning all ,please can anyone answer a few questions about the below bedding plants I purchased from a well known supermarket last autumn. First I have forgotten the name of them ? and I was also wondering whether they shall deflower during the summer months ? They are looking very healthy now the weather is warming up a bit !!there are no signs of flower buds yet but don't want to chuck them incase they do start to flower . Any advice greatly appreciated 😀😀


  • bullfinchbullfinch Posts: 640
    they look a bit like chrysanthemum, and very healthy!
  • JohnnypJohnnyp Posts: 69
    That rings a bell now !and do you think they shall re flower?
    Many thanks.
  • bullfinchbullfinch Posts: 640
    It looks as though they might, but I don't know for sure. There will definitely be someone on the forum who will be able to tell you  :)
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,420
    I think l can spot flower buds in the photo, but not 100% sure. Looking at the condition of it, l think it will flower again, it's very healthy! 
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    If they have made it through the winter they will flower again. There are many bedding plants that can do that. My Calibrachoas are flowering again.
  • amancalledgeorgeamancalledgeorge Posts: 2,321
    They will definitely flower, chrysanthemums are parennials if they are protected from frost. My granny had the same ones for decades...and she lived in one of the few areas of Greece that get a lot of snow. It's sad that we treat so many plants as disposable fodder, after all garden centres and supermarkets want us to buy them yearly...but if you like the flowers, keep them.
    To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow
  • JohnnypJohnnyp Posts: 69
    Many thanks to all ,I shall be keeping these to see what transpires and repost the results 😊😊😊
  • Guernsey Donkey2Guernsey Donkey2 Posts: 6,713
    Agree with above comments - they are Chrysanthemums and they will flower approx July - September, so after many other plants have finished flowering they will give you a display of flowers.  I have two in pots, which like you I bought from a well known DIY/plants shop 2 or 3 years ago.  They are dormant in the winter and look a bit straggly/dead, but in the Spring they come back to life and mine look very similar to your plants now johnnyp.  They do require a fair bit of feeding and watering during these dry months and once they die down for the winter they don't need water.
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