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dwarf cherry velvet taste

Hello everyone,
I want to show off my cherry mystery variety 'velvet taste'. I call it a mystery because there is no info on this strain on google and I have no idea where I could buy another but at least I have this one which is actually a pretty decent dwarf cherry.

To those who have had dwarf cherries like stella grafted onto a gisella rootstock you will know that growth is sparse and the rootstock can only support about 50 cherries per year.

Although I have not had many cherries off this variety yet I am hoping next year will be the first year to judge how productive it could be.

Anyone else got a velvet taste? I've heard some possibly have a colt rootstock variety which obviously grows a lot taller.

As you can see from the pictures it is completely different to the sparse scraggly look of a dwarf stella. I also prefer the taste over the stella but I've never liked Stella as it is too sweet with little flavour in my opinion


  • dsbjones74dsbjones74 Posts: 1
    Thanks for sharing - I have just bought a Cherry Velvet Taste from my local Morrisons - for a bargain £10 - like you I can’t find much on the net about this variety - hope it grows aswell as yours !
  • Hai, I’ve had a velvet taste for several years, also bought in Morrisons for a bargain price.  Firstly, it’s supposed to be dwarf but it’s about 12ft tall so far (I think it’s 4 years old but may be 5).  It may be that it’s finished growing but I doubt it.  How tall is a dwarf cherry expected to grow?  Last year was the first year it had any cherries at all and it was very sparse and this year I missed it completely as the birds got there first but I don’t believe it did much better than the year before.  I’m quite disappointed to be honest.  I have it planted quite close to my Morello which generally produces 20kg of fruit a year but as it’s a culinary variety I was looking forward to having some cherries to eat 😔.
  • rossdriscoll13rossdriscoll13 Posts: 176
    edited November 2022
    @mrtjforman google Prunus Avium Velvet Taste.  It grows to about 8m tall by 5m wide and is a Morello type cherry.
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