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Help with my blank canvas of a garden!



  • Most of the work has been on the patio (10ft x 20ft). Neighbours have finally gotten the new fence up. Bottom section of garden has been pretty much levelled with top section with the soil dug out for patio sub base. About 3-4 weekends work but I have a patio now for about £500.

    Plan is next to get two decent sized Fargesia murieliae 'Jumbo" clumping bamboo's.

    One beside the doors (3rd pic initial post), I'd like to get rid of the privit hedge tree thing at bottom of garden and put another bamboo there. (i'm 50/50 on this one).

    I'd like plants in big pots on patio to break it up, but that will prob be next summer.

    If I get time before sept, I'd like to do an 8ft x 8ft slab base for summer house.

    Will be good to finally get to planting, rather than all the hard landscaping, although, I'm guessing by which point it might be spring before we get going.
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 3,306
    Steve dont put bamboo ANYWHERE  near the house,  it will take over and could damage the house. Don't put it near a path as you will be forever cutting it back to get past it, and it will grow though the path, concrete or slabs. Could you think of a change to grasses as a feature plant with height instead. 
  • @purplerallim

    The garden has a driveway and and lane separating it from my house.

    Do you mean running bamboo though, that is invasive?

    The bamboo mentioned is a clumping variety so isn't invasive in the same manner as far as I was aware. It doesn't send out the shoots and spread everywhere like the running kind stays in a ball and just grows wider. I've set out a 5ft x 5ft area for one plant?

    Have I gone wrong somewhere here?

    I'd also be interested in alternative suggestions for decent sized grasses.  That do that big specimen plant look. Everyday is a school day for me when it comes to gardening!
  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923
    if you can do the paving/borders at 45 degrees to the garden, it will make it look wider
  • if you can do the paving/borders at 45 degrees to the garden, it will make it look wider
    the bottom section will be kind of an s shape.

    The patio once it has table and chairs and pots and stacked firewood, should look a bit less sea of concrete.
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 2,977
    He's started with a patio at right angles though now, so I would go with that.

    I would try and keep everything arranged on grid lines that go from one side of the garden to the other, but have the grid staggered going from front to back. Fill up each section of the grid fully.

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 2,977
    (Where I've put 'Black Bamboo' I'm suggesting a raised bed).
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 3,306
    All bamboo gets out of hand sooner or later, but as you see @WillDB has put it contained away from narrow path or building.

    There are alot of tall ornamental grasses to choose from and your colour choices will determine which will be best
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,179
    One tall grass that occurs to me is Stipa gigantea . Wish I had room to grow it.

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