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Plant ID and help please

Hi there, 
I recently moved into a new property and the previous tenant left 3 plants that need some attention. I have no gardening experience whatsoever so I was hoping someone could help identify what they are and any tips on how to restore them to glory. 


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    They all look fine to me. First one is an Arum (Peace lily) which will like a steamy bathroom out of direct sun. Can't remember the names of the other two (second one may be a philodendron) but if the second one had the chomped leaf when you got it, I would suspect a dog or cat is the culprit. All would enjoy being misted on a regular basis. 
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  • Thanks very much. They were very dry and dusty but look much happier after a water and mist. Much appreciated
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