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Why is my plant drooping? Please help!

This plant was my aunts for 30 years until she moved and gave it to me. It used to live in Colorado and now lives in San Francisco. I overwatered it last year and have since then repotted it but the leaves are still dropping the new growth is slow and not very big and has brown patches.

It used to grow spiked and poofy and I am not sure how to return it back to normal. 

Thank you!


  • HelixHelix 704m altitude...Posts: 631
    It may that the period of overwatering compacted the soil in the pot, so it’s now sitting in a soggy lump of un aerated mush, or you repotted into something that has compacted.   I would suggest you tip it out of its pot to have a look, and perhaps gently shake off some soil and give it fresh lighter compost that drains well. 
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