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Rudbeckia Gloriosa

TimmyMagicTimmyMagic Posts: 135
I sowed these seeds indoors on 8th April. On the packet it says "stand outside for a few days late May" and to plant out in June. Well, it's late May so I left them outside for a few hours today but they flopped quite a bit. It wasn't too hot today (15c / 16c) so maybe it was too cold for them? I brought them back inside.

The photos were taken before taking outside. Just imagine they flopped a bit more. 

I have never grown these before, but they seem a little limp / leggy. Or is this normal? Should I take off the lower leaves and plant a bit deeper, when they go out? The stem's are a bit like tomatoes, so was thinking it might be a similar process.

I've nurtured them for almost 2 months so am eager not to screw up at this stage... so hoping for some advice please! Thanks.


  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,338
    They're very little, Timmy. Mine are 3-4 times the size but I started them end of February - so you'd expect that. The main stems are at least pencil thick and they've started branching. The leaves on the largest are 4-5" long. I started inside and kept on windowsil until April - I've been keeping mine in my mini pvc greenhouse for two months.

    Yours look similar size to my Rudbeckia Marmalade plants which I sowed in April. I've just moved them into my greenhouse today (because I had space after planting out some coreopsis and dianthus)

    My seed packet said to plant out in June - so I'd keep yours in for a couple more weeks and let them fill their pots before you put them outside.

    Im planting mine at the weekend.
    East Yorkshire
  • TimmyMagicTimmyMagic Posts: 135
    @Mr. Vine Eye Thanks for the advice. I will do as you say and keep them inside for another couple of weeks. I'm hoping they get a bit stronger as the stems seem very feeble at the moment. 
  • Anna33Anna33 Posts: 310
    Mine have done exactly the same, TimmyMagic! I've grown them indoors due to lack of outside space, and now every time I put them outside they flop. It's not just them, I've also got cornflowers, marigolds and some others I can't remember, again all grown inside then introduced earlier this month to the outside. All flopping.

    I just assumed I've raised soft, feeble plants that haven't had the right conditions to grow decent rootstocks. A mistake I won't make next year.

    Mind you, my bloody minded determination of getting them outside means they are toughening up a bit. But slowly. Stick with it, and keep them out of the sun until they're more robust.

    Fingers crossed!
  • How have you managed to get them to germinate? I've been trying for months but still haven't had any success
  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,338
    edited May 2019
    I just started mine in a plastic fruit container, with Wilko seed and cutting compost, on my TV unit with a plastic container on top. Moved to kitchen windowsill with the cover off when seedlings appeared. Pricked out into small cells when large enough. Then repotted when their roots were coming through in to 7.5cm square pots.

    I should have potted them much sooner - they grow vigorously, and the three that I potted earlier have doubled in size since while the others slowed down, they're looking happier now though.

    I was thinking they were going out in May not June - had I realised sooner that they'd be staying in their containers for an extra month I would have potted them all. (was trying to save compost!)

    The seeds were also from Wilko - I had great success with all of their seeds. I think the Rudbeckias must have been over 90% germination - I had to dump loads of them because I ended up with so many.
    East Yorkshire
  • TimmyMagicTimmyMagic Posts: 135
    @Anna33 I'm glad it's not just me then! Yep, fingers crossed for both of us!

    @Mr. Vine Eye I got my seeds from Wilko too and sowed them in a shallow tray initially. I had way too many and potted up as many as I could, then gave some to a couple of neighbours. The rest went on the compost heap. 
  • Janie BJanie B Posts: 893
    Lots of my seedlings ended up being leggy and floppy (Nigella, cornflowers...). And my cosmos were very leggy too (but not too floppy). And my echinops were floppy, but not leggy! They've now all gone into the borders to fend for themselves. Sometimes, if I'm feeling kindly towards them, I put a little stake in to keep them up... 
  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,338

    There's one of my Rudbeckia Gloriosa
    East Yorkshire
  • TimmyMagicTimmyMagic Posts: 135
    @Mr. Vine Eye Nice one!

    May I ask how much and how frequently you watered yours? I've watered mine little but very often, which I think may have contributed to them being feeble. 
  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,338
    I sat the cells/pots in a seed tray of water for a few mins until the top of the compost looked moist, once a week at most.
    East Yorkshire
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