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Hi all

I am new to the gardening scene and have a large garden to maintain,  just wondering if the attached plants are weeds or not?



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    It's Nigella Damascena, Love-in-the-mist. An annual flowering plant. Not a weed in my view.
    Also note there is Eschscholzia Californica, Californian Poppy (Orange flower) growing withing that. Another annual. 
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    Welcome to the forum, Daniel, and to the mostly-friendly gardening fraternity.

    The blue flowered plants are Nigella, sometimes called love-in-a-mist.  They are annuals, which means they complete their lifecycle in a single year.  If you like them, leave them be, and after the flowers drop their petals, they will produce seed-pods which will ripen and the seeds will get scattered by the wind.  They will grow into new plants in the spring.  If you don't like them, remove the dead flowers and they won't trouble you again - unless there are already seeds in the soil from previous years.  Same goes for the orange flowers, those go by the botanical name of Eschscholzia and the common name of Californian poppies.  Those things that look like tiny cucumbers are the seed pods.

    Down the left side of the photo you have, I think, one of the Hypericums; if I'm right, it will have yellow flowers, if I'm wrong someone else will put you right.  That's not an annual, it's a shrub, which means it has woody stems.  Bottom right, that circle of jagged leaves is a dandelion, a weed in most people's book.  Hard to get rid of as the root goes deep, and if you pull it out, you nearly always leave a bit behind which regrows.

    Have fun, and come back to the forum as often as you like, there are no silly questions.
  • Many thanks,  yes I like the flowers to be honest but need to tidy the whole area up.
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