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Help needed - 2 different areas



  • Wrigs21Wrigs21 Posts: 163
    We have a steeply terraced garden, and Lizzie27's suggestion of Stipa Gigantea is spot on.  Ours looks amazing when the light catches them.  Hakonechloa and Astelia would cope with both of those sites. Calamagrostis Karl Forster and Calamagrostis Brachytrycha, great grasses, but not as transparent as Stipa Gigantea.  How about something to pick up the colour of your red Acer, like Cotinus, Eucomis Sparkling Burgundy, or perhaps some red/purple Heucheras.  Steep terraces are a nightmare, but also thrilling because you can create real drama.  I'm both sympathetic and envious!
    Thanks for the suggestions, liking a few of those, especially the Eucomis Sparkling Burgundy so will try and incorporate into the scheme.  
  • No advice. Just wanted to say, wow what a beautiful garden!
  • Wrigs21Wrigs21 Posts: 163
    Quick quick follow up question if possible. How would you border sloping garden patches? Looking at the traditional wood edging but unsure if it’s going to work given the degree of the slope. 
  • dappledshadedappledshade Top of the Hill, North London Posts: 982
    Stunning garden.
    That backdrop of trees is making my heart sing 😁
  • Wrigs21Wrigs21 Posts: 163
    edited January 2021
    So been a while but started to make some progress. Picture of the top planting which was prairie style I guess. It came up well in the first year so thank you all for the grass recommendations, went with calamagrostis brachytricha in the end which looks great in the low sun. I’ve created tiers on the lower part and going in for planting in spring. Attempting to go with a heavily planted mix of grasses and perennials so hopefully works with the slope. Fingers crossed! Given up trying to match the two areas, happy with the two different styles so will see how it goes. 

    Any tips on this style of planting welcome 😁
  • BigladBiglad East LancashirePosts: 2,771
    Nothing to offer, I'm afraid @Wrigs21, apart from congratulations on the work done. What a great blank canvas you've got there now!
  • rachelQrtJHBjbrachelQrtJHBjb South BucksPosts: 814
    You've worked incredibly hard and your landscaping looks very professional. Looking forward to seeing photos of the planting as the season progresses.
  • D0rdogne_DamselD0rdogne_Damsel Saint Yrieix La Perche, Haute Vienne/Dordogne border. FrancePosts: 3,953
    So nice to see pictures of projects as they progress, good luck. I think it is going to look fabulous. :)
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  • Wrigs21Wrigs21 Posts: 163
    Going to be a bit of an experiment but going for the same plants in each. Mix of the following Echinops, Anemone X Hybrida, honorine Jobert, Salvia X Sylvesteis, Echinacea Fatal attraction, Monardo Talud
    Veronicastrum Laverndelturm, 
    Agastache Blue Fortune, Astibe Purpurlanze, Filipendula rubra, 
    Artimisia Ludoviciana,Campanula London Anna and Eryngium. 

    Will keep you posted on the results #gardendesignforbeginners   😁 
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