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Mesh holder?

Hi all

A quick question. Me moved into a house with some mesh plant holders in place. It works really well and I want to use it to extend the mesh. I am looking for the same type of the grey mesh holder as in the picture below. I can't seem to find it, I think I am searching by the wrong name. Would any one know what these pegs/fixings/holders are actually called and where can I find them?

Thank you in advance.


  • RubytooRubytoo On the sofa, Southerly aspect.Posts: 1,186
    They look like they are some kind of clip that has been re purposed.
    I imagine the trellis wire would actually clip into it if it was meant for it?
    The bit the wire sits in looks loose or large, though it does the job.

    I could be wrong, but never seen them before in a garden setting.
    But some measurements might help find it. If no one recognizes them.

    The length of the whole bracket and the inner measurement of the rounded bit?
    The inner diameter.

    They put me in mind of a net curtain rod or drapery fitting.

    Is the colour really grey, or could it be a grubby white?

  • sahib19sahib19 Posts: 2
    Thanks Rubytoo! I didn't even think it could have been for something else. It does make sense as Googling for net curtains related stuff brings up somethings similar. I don't think they do that particular type anymore.

    All the googling has paid off. Now I know I was looking for Mesh Garden T Clips wall fix :smile:

    Thanks again
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