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tumbling toms

Hi all, new tomatoes and have a couple of queries. We've not got a huge amount of space and so I've bought two very dwarf bush varieties for the kitchen windowsill, but I've also bought a tumbling tom for outside in a hanging basket. I've grown them from seed and the tumbler so far appears to be mostly growing upright, it's about 8-10 inches tall. It's very wide, probably about the same width as height, but I'm wondering whether it's going to keep going upwards or whether it does start to 'tumble' at some point. Any help for a tomato novice would be much appreciated!


  • I do not have an awful lot of experience as a gardener but have grown tumbling Tom tomatoes for the past two years in a hanging basket. Initially they look as though they are going to grow straight up but then hey presto they tumble! I find them very easy to grow, as long as you keep them well watered I find them no trouble
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 6,104
    Some tumblers tumble easier than others.
    I've grown Tumbling Tom which does exactly what it says.
    I tried Maskotka in a basket a couple of years ago and that got to more than 2ft high, good tomatoes, but more suited to tumbling over the side of a big pot. 

    So long as you don't pinch out the side shoots it should be fine. Once the fruits appear and start to swell the weight of tomatoes will make it tumble. I found TT extremely prolific
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