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Climbing rose border

xianruixianrui Posts: 1
Hi All 
I am planning to have climbing roses for the newly built rear garden wall. The length is around 20m, and width is 0.6m. I quite like David Austin roses 1) crown princess Magareta, 2) Tess of The  d’urbervilles 3) Claire Austin, and Rosa Eden.
‘Questions are: 1)Is it too much colour variations?
 2)How much space is needed between them?
3) What is the best way the arrange them? One each? Or group the same ones together?
many thanks for any suggestions!


  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 2,310
    @xianrui Welcome to the forum. I am sure there must be someone out there to advise you. Probably not around at the time of your post. Hopefully this time.  :)
  • NollieNollie Posts: 6,771
    So you have peach, creamy white and pale pink, all soft colours, with the deep red of Tess...I think I would struggle with including the latter, but others would disagree - it's your garden and it's all a matter of personal taste and what you think would look good against your wall. 

    60cm wide is not very wide for a border, roses always look better underplanted with perennials to hide their bare legs. Is there any possibility of widening your border a bit? Underplanting can unify all sorts of colour combinations as could interplanting with clematis.

    As to planting distances, study the ultimate height and spread of your chosen roses on the websites and plot it out with paper and pencil. But the space between each planting hole does kind of depend on the growth habit of the roses, do they shoot straight up or like to grow tall and wide and will want to sprawl over the lower wires too? A more vigorous one could be grown trained up and along higher wires with the lower growing ones underneath, or combining fewer climbers with some shrub roses is another idea.

    Anyway, just some things to think about, I am no expert, others will hopefully be able to give you more specific advice on those roses....
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