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Mysterious white spots on different plants in garden

Hi all,

I've noticed mysterious light coloured spots appearing on the leaves of some of the plants in my garden. I've noticed them on young tomato plants, beans, and our mint. 

The spots seem very similar in nature on all three plant types. There does not seem to be anything on the leaf, and it appears more as a simple discolouration. 

Any help on what might be causing this would be much appreciated!

Here are some pics: 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,639
    Are your plants all quite close to one another? It could be the beginnings Red Spider Mite damage. Check all undersides of leaves to see if there is a gritty feel. Not really visible, but they can cause leaves to look mottled eventually.

    Let's see what others think. They tend to thrive more in warm and dry conditions, so a change in conditions may help control them.
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