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Re-potted my olive tree and it's drooping

I've just re-potted my olive tree and it's gone all droopy on the tips is it going to die? 


  • It came from a much smaller pot and I gave it a generous water, after doing some searching on Google I think it's just the shock of being transferred and over watering, all the older parts of the tree are doing fine it's just the new shoots that have drooped. 
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    They are probably suffering a bit in the sun. Make sure the soil is free draining. A loam-base soil with some grit added to help with drainage. Keep the pot well watered and store it somewhere semi shaded for a few days for it to perk up. It looks like a very young/small shrub, so may not have a big root system, therefore still quite sensitive to any disturbance.
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