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Calathea needs help!

I'm not sure what's going on with this guy or how to fix it, any advice is appreciated!! 


  • This is the underside of a leaf, I'm pretty sure he's got a bug.
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,896
    You're going to need to give us a bit more to go on to be able to help. A photo of the whole plant would help as well as details of watering, feeding, amount of light it gets. Anything details that might help really.
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  • the plant is typically in my office at work, sitting on a pebble tray (that I wasn't able to picture too well) inside the pot. About a week ago, he started to look limp and not as full. I had recent turned him, so I thought it might be the change in lighting. Then I noticed that all the new growth was wilted and shriveled. I turned the leaves over to see what I think are small white bugs.  I'm not sure why the new growth is dying, or how to get rid of the bugs ( or what they might be either). 
  • Typically wateted once or twice a week, and I dont fertilize, as I'm unsure of what and how often. There's fluorescent office lighting in my office, I don't have any windows, so I keep the lights on 24 / 7. Yes about 1 1/2 old, and hasn't suffered like this before. He's also never been anywhere else but my office space.  
  • alao, the stems to the leaves look as if theyre dying as well. 
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,896
    There's fluorescent office lighting in my office, I don't have any windows,
    I'm not sure if I feel sorrier for you or the plant :/ Calathea will survive in low level lighting but I'm not sure they can take no natural light at all in the long term. Most problems with this plant comes from a lack of humidity but you've got three problems of the wrong type of light, air too dry or soil too dry and never feeding the plant. Do you water with tap water or rain water? Tap water doesn't suit them either as they're sensitive to the chemicals and salts, it's not great for house plants in general to be honest.

    It's a bit hard to tell but I'd say the white on the leaves is likely to be fungal rather than from insects. You really need to treat the general health of the plant to sort it out and that probably means moving it to a better location. I've got one of these and I struggle to keep it happy especially over the winter with the heating on. They're not the easiest plants to keep sadly. A ZZ plant might be a good option for your office though if you're happy to change it for something else.
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