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Hoya yellow leaves

I have a new Hoya plant - its located inside the house, near a west window. I think it's a tricolor kind, but not sure.
New leaves are yellow. I thought they would turn green but it hasn't happen yet (and they're a couple month old). Is this normal? Do they need light, maybe?
I did notice there were several mealybugs near the leaves. I did a thorough cleaning this weekend. 

Photos attached.


  • limpingfishlimpingfish Posts: 17
    Philippa, I've clearly stated that I'm not sure what kind of Hoya it is, but that I think it's the tricolor kind (HOYA CARNOSA 'TRICOLOR'). 

    The nursery I bought it from told me to replant it in a bigger container after about half a year. But if you think it's too small - I can try to find a bigger container and do that now :) 
    About the light - I read that Hoya is an indoor plant - it's currently next to a window so there's plenty of light - just no direct sun. 
    Are there any signs for lack of light that I should look for? I can try to relocate it if I'll suspect it's suffering but i'm afraid the only other location I have will have direct sun...

  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,292
    It looks ok to me.
    I used to have one (with just green leaves) many years ago when I lived with my parents.
    It was on a shelf in the south-facing lounge but not in direct sunlight, it done well and flowered on and off. I doubt I looked after it very well, but it did last several years.

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  • limpingfishlimpingfish Posts: 17
    THanks all!
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