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Climbing Rose

gemfull3gemfull3 Posts: 9
Hi, I am looking for advice on purchasing a climbing rose to cover a East facing wall on my cottage, It is a bare white wall at the side of the house that would look great with a rose climbing up it I think but I am really not sure which too choose from been on David Austin site and now really unsure ! so any advice would be appreciated.  Looking for a vigorous climber, The area below the wall is slabbed so was thinking could I grow it from a pot possibly an option to lift a slab though if need be.  Ideally looking for it to grow 15-20ft. 


  • gemfull3gemfull3 Posts: 9
    Hi Not so fussed on colour seen this one and liked it, Do climbing roses not grow well in pots ? I have only grown patio roses before. Thanks 
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,056
    You might get away with a short climber in a large, deep pot, but roses want to get their roots down deep and climbers are definitely much happier in the ground. Remove a slab or preferably two, dig over and improve the soil really well. It will be pretty horrible after years under slabs.

    Try narrowing your search down by height, then repeat flowering, if that's what you want, most people do, then one suitable for growing in shade. Although you will get morning sun, most roses like a good blast of sun, so if it will grow ok in shade, it will do fine on an east-facing wall. A good colour would look better against a white wall, so avoid white and soft, pastel colours. Personally, a red would be a bit too stark a contrast for me and I would go for a good saturated/dark pink or maybe a strong yellow. Rose choice is very personal tho and it depends on your taste and the style of the rest of your garden. Maybe make a shortlist of three you like the look of that fit your criteria and post your selection here for opinions on those particular roses - health, vigour, ease of training, flower-power etc.
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  • Paul NPaul N Posts: 303
    I agree with Nollie, in that plants in general prefer having their roots in the ground rather than confined in pots no matter how big the pot is. In our new garden we've inherited a Rhododendron in a large pot and today I've drained a small deep pond which I shall plant the Rhodo in. I'm sure she'll be far happier. 'Rambling Rector'? A fabulous rose, and one which we had to leave behind. 12ft tall and scrambling through a neighbours conifer hedge. A riot of snowy white blooms against the dark green background. We also left behind 'Bobby James' and 'Kiftsgate', the last chopped down by the new owner to 'park' his pile of scaffold boards.
  • gemfull3gemfull3 Posts: 9
    Thanks all for your advise think we are going to lift the slab and plant either 
    Claire Austin, James Gal way or the Generous Gardner I decided like pale colours and pinks would go best with this side of the garden. If you have any advice on which would be best climber then please advise. Loved the Rambling Rector may buy that for another part of our garden. 
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,056
    I think @Marlorena will be best placed to advise you out of the three you like as to which may be the best/healthiest/good bloomer etc. - as a reminder M, it was a vigorous climber to get to 20ft against an east-facing white wall. Hopefully others that grow those roses will chip in too!
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  • gemfull3gemfull3 Posts: 9
    Thanks so much for your help I really do appreciate it, I had emailed DA yesterday also and they got back to me today recommending.   Wollerton Old Hall & Mortimer Sackler which do also look nice gosh its hard too choose !

  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,195
    I grow Claire Austin by the side of an arbour, but I believe the maximum height of this one is about 10 ft. It's very vigorous, has lots of slim long canes so does need tying in. Has lots of blooms - I'm trying to remember how long for - most of the summer. It has buds on now which are nearly out. The colour is good, white with a lemony hint in the middle with a nice perfume, but I don't think it's yellow enough to stand out on a white wall.
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