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Pond edging for a wildlife pond

Pam285Pam285 HullPosts: 75
my wildlife pond is made using a liner and is approximately 7 years old. I continue to struggle with the edging it currently has a mixture of grass, pond plants and pebbles. Wicking through the grass and plants has a significant impact on water levels often mean8ng that part of the liner is exposed where the pebbles are. I would welcome thoughts on how to better manage this.  The pond has good numbers of both newts and frogs. 


  • scatpep54scatpep54 Somerset Posts: 11
    I knew someone who had a pile of biggish slate pieces, firmly put into the ground but overlapping the pond and on close inspection i found a literal PILE - one on top of the other and seemingly most content- of fat healthy frogs ... it was lovely... no idea if this is helpful though
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