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Cleaning lawn mower

What ho one and all,

I have a standard rotary mower, and as we all know, the inside of the cover gets heavily clogged with grass cuttings.

I do scrap most off after every use, but would like to give a good wash.  However, a couple of points come to mind.

I have been advised when tilting it, to tilt away from the air filter; that is towards the exhaust side.  But when finished with my scrapping, and try to start it, I can only guess that oil has found its way into the cylinder.  Starting can be difficult and when it does, there is a cloud of smoke.  Tilting the other way, and certainly, petrol will leak out the filler cap.  So which is best?

Next, I have seen some YouTube vids where the whole mower is cleaned with a pressure washer.  That will work for the underside, but the vids also show splashing water around the topside bits (carburetor, etc.)  It would certainly clean everything but is this a good idea?  Would it be better to have the motor running while using the washer?

Thanks and toodle pip



  • ColinAColinA Posts: 263
    Hello Rex
    First of all always disconnect spark plug lead, when cleaning the underside only tip the machine so that the spark plug is upper most never onto either side as you have found out oil and petrol leak out by tipping onto either side, If you pressure wash the top of the machine water can ingress into the fuel system and the engine electrics making it difficult to start so only wipe off with a cloth
    Hope this helps
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 64,641
    Sounds to me like a very bad idea to have the motor running when doing work of any sort on a mower 😱🤕
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  • RekusuRekusu Posts: 51
    Just a heads-up. Cut the thumbs off a latex glove and put one over the spark plug cable (having disconnected it first), the other over the petrol cap.

    Then carefully blasted everything with the pressure washer, around the outer deck, the carb, etc, but not the magneto area, and then the under deck. 

    Looks nice and shiney now, lots of pint has peeled off (!) and started on the second pull!

    May be I will remove the motor, clean the underside and give it a coat of Hammerite.
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