Are my blueberry bushes in trouble?

Hi, I moved in October and as a result alot of my potted plants aren't looking to good. One of the younger BB bushes didn't make it.

I have 3 Blueberry bushes (2 Bluecrop and 1 Patriot)

They seem to have a lot less foliage than previous years and look like they're starting to produce fruits.

They are fed with Ericaceous plant feed every weekend and well watered.

The location gets plenty of sun and is usually shaded by 5pm.

Gone from an astroturf lawn to a real one so there's ants everywhere but I read they shouldn't be an issue.

Is there something wrong with them?



  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 214
    doesn't look like there is anything wrong with them but I am surprised at the height you have in such small pots. I have way bigger pots and was thinking potting mine on next year. Mine do have more leaves than yours but my bluecrop is half the size of yours.

    I'm not sure why you haven't got as many leaves so considering the pot size sprung out instantly I would say they need a bigger pot to get more leaves and thus more fruit. 

  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 214
    ps don't repot them now, repot once the fruit stage has passed, you'd just stress it out more repotting now
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