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Vine weevils

Lots of vine weevil being picked from various plants this year, ranging from the darker older ones, to the pale young. Where are people buying their nematodes from this year, as prices seem to have jumped up from last year?


  • bullfinchbullfinch Posts: 640
    Hello, we paid for some at the garden centre but they came through the post. I've thrown away the packet so I can't remember the brand, sorry. It was a size to treat about 20 watering cans and cost about £32. It's only the second time we've used it, so I  don't know if that's expensive, but they certainly work.
  • Bee witchedBee witched Posts: 1,173
    Hello @TheRickster,

    I get my nematodes from here ..... free p&p if you are just buying nematodes.

    I've used this company for a few years now and stuff always comes quickly.

    Bee x

    Gardener and beekeeper in beautiful Scottish Borders  

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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,428
    I bought mine from here
    Obviously it depends on how many pots etc. that you need to treat, but l thought the price was okay. Most things seemed to have increased in price lately. 

  • TheRicksterTheRickster Posts: 85
    Great, thanks everyone. Ordered 👍 The adult weevils seem to prefer later nights this year, with most spotted after 23:00. Nice to roam the garden with a beer and torch at that time, but I don’t fancy it every night for the next 4 months!
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