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Elaeagnus problem

Planted an elaeagnus hedge last year. Any ideas as to what is causing this leaf curl? There are some yellow leaves on other plants, but there is also plenty of new growth too. It's been fed with a slow release fertiliser this spring. Many thanks.


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    A number of things can make young leaves curl. You may have had an aphid infestation or simply the shrub has not been watered sufficiently. Make sure they get watered well to help them settle in. 

    Although these shrubs are tough, when young, they are still vulnerable to harsh wind and cold damage. This year, there was a warm spell in February time, and many shrubs started putting on new growth, only for a cold and windy snap to knock many of the young growth back. I suspect this is what's happened. Keep up with the watering and they will grow out of that soon. Once it gets more warmer, you can just prune out the twisted leaves.
  • That is good to know. I was worried it might have verticillium wilt. I had bought a general fungicide to spray it with, but should I get a bug spray instead?
    This poor old hedge has had a tough start what with last years drought too. I have invested a lot of hours into it, so it's become a labour of love!! I have clay soil, so I am always a big scared to over water it.
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    There is no need for any type of spray. With most shrubs it’s about understanding their likes and dislikes. Your shrubs are young and still trying to put down roots. It’s vital they get consistent watering. That’s the priority.

    Water deeply and generously into the base area. You need to do this more often in the warmer months.

    With clay soils, regularly lay down compost or bark chip on the top to help keep the surface from drying up in the summer months. This will help your shrub establish better. Condition your soil and your shrub will grow better. 
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