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Hi all, so i live in ireland and my garden had alot of moss and thatch. I put on 4 in 1 all in one to kill weeds and moss and lawn feed etc. I cut the grass down low. 10 days later i hired a scarifier to take out moss in my large lawn. First i did it on medium level lifted the moss and  went back over it this time on the lowest level. I took loads of moss andthatch (but maybe grass too) week later i added fertiliser on lawn (potato manure) and watered it every night this two weeks. But two weeks on it still looks terrible, i mean 70 percent of my lawn is white long grass. I really cant see new grass comin on it. For the front part of my lawn ive overseeded it and rolled it in but its no better than the rest. Ive since watched video and you tube and gardener said if you cut grass on lowest setting you sill wreck your lawn! Is it a case im going to have to get a tonne or two of topsoil and out it over all the white patchy parts and resew it? Like ive already spend bout 250 quid on my lawn between hiring scarifier and buying bags if 4 in 1 and fertiliser and lawnseed. My budget running low. Any advice on what to do next? Thanks in advance 


  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376
    show us some pictures Mark.   some close up, some of the whole job.  it should be obvious then.  however, i am curious, you scarified, or raked?   the scarifier is basicalyl sharp blades that cut into the soil, or tubes that punch holes into the lawn.  The rake just looks like a normal grass rake, usually a scarifier comes with both and you swap one for the other depending on what you're doing.

    certainly two weeks after scarifying isn't long.  it's also borderline not long enough for grass seed to germinate.  i would say 2-3-4 weeks more normal, depending on light/warmth/water levels. 
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