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sian.trewsian.trew Posts: 8
I need to plant summer bedding where dying bluebells are. The leaves are untidy but green. They are in a narrow bed so they do not need to spread. Will it hurt to cut the leaves now as someone told me if you don't need/want them to spread cut the leaves now & they will still bloom next year


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,138
    The leaves feed the bulbs for next year's flowers.  If they're native bluebells you want to keep going, leave them be till they start to yellow.    If they're the Spanish kind and you want to control or reduce them then yes, cut off the foliage at the base.

    If necessary, pot your summer bedding into the next size pot so they can continue growing while you wait.  Keep them in a sunny, sheltered spot and water regularly and they'll romp away when you do plant them out.
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