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Clematis cuttings- timing

I've tried this in the past with little success. There are various pieces of advice and most say to do so in May/June however one states to take a cutting after flowering.
Any thoughts on the timing of this- before or after flowering and does it matter if I use a stem which flowered?


  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,365
    Sorry I can't help I have never been any good with them. But would you rather take cuttings or try the method of layering a stem?
    Layering by wounding the stem and placing in the ground or long bent wire or a stone to hold it. A book I have also suggests using a piece of match or something small to hold the cut stem open.
    Another way of doing it is to put a pot nearby and peg a stem into that.
    Long Clematis pots are useful as they are tall and you can plant the pot a little bit to keep it stable as they are tall.

    I thought the thing about non flowering stems was just that it takes energy to flower so takes it away from the rooting process?
    So removing any flowers or buds first?
    Or is it that flowered stems have less vigour?
    Or a stem that has flowered wont' callus or shoot if it has had buds already....

    Sorry pondering when all I was going to do was say....BUMP :D
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    Comprehensive info here from the International Clematis Society.  Hope it helps. 

    I shall be trying this with some of mine.
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