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Pruning grape vines and flowering currant

Okay I have a grape vine, that I have been meaning to do something with.  I've let it just ramble up a nearby ash tree, and all over the place, including a flowering currant.

So I start off thinking perhaps it's time to shape up the currant, that has never been pruned (on our side) it's on a border.    I started pulling out dead wood.  And then of course foolishly started cutting out the grape vine.  Everything has suddenly had a growth spurt over the last week, and as we have a narrow garden, it starts to meet in the middle.

The vine must have been planted with intention to begin with, but there has never been any support but for a wire fence, and no training as I can see, it's not something I've had time to worry about to be honest, and thought it could just fill it's boots up the tree, and one day I'll prune it back and do something with it.

Anyway I got carried away with the snips, and severed it from the tree, because the vine sweeps outward into the garden in a bit too much of an unruly fashion.  Immediately I had a moment of horror, and doubt.  With much muttering of, why on earth have I started doing this, when I have X other gardening jobs to finish...

I consult the web about a flowering currant, but read that you can take out a 1/3, of old growth, or a 1/5th, or down to 1/2 metre, in height, or down to 30cm, basically a load of conflicting stuff.  So don't know what I'm doing with it any more, I was thinking of chopping all branches down to the main stem, and hoping for the best.  At the moment it is severed at about a metre high.

I've kept one part of the vine, and may train that up the tree again for now.  I glanced briefly at some vine training stuff online, and then thought, that's probably for another day.  Actually the day started removing a decaying apricot, that never got enough sun...   Yes I'm chaotic.  Yes I should break things down into easy single tasks...

By the end of the day, my head started to bleed with the amount of greenery on the floor,  and the stumpy remains of what had been happily wild in the morning.

If you are still reading at this point.  Thanks for your patience.

So the currant, has a main stem, it's probably about 5inches in diameter, with a trunk and some branching with branches at about 2inches diameter max.  I'm not sure how these heal or the best thing to do with the thing.  To make it look okay.  I've brought all branches down to a main split on an acer campestre in the past, and it has resprouted in quite a pleasing fashion.  So I wonder if I could do something like that.  Sorry for this ramble post, I think I'm sun and pruning shocked.

As for the vine, should I just take that down to the floor and start again?  I figure this should have been pruned in the dormant season, so worried I've totally ballsed that one up too.  As said I have still some semblance of an alive tendril, so could train that somewhere and put off the job if a rabid prune isn't adviced.





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