Watering roses.

peter straw2peter straw2 Posts: 67
How often should my roses be watered? During the summer I tend to give them a drenching by hosepipe once a week, but have often wondered if that's enough, particularly when my yard gets full sun, and can reach into the 90's. I have a number of modern shrub roses in a bed and a couple of ramblers planted beside a wall, and all are about 3-4 years old.


  • ElizaRoseElizaRose East AngliaPosts: 98
    Where are you located Peter? Sounds like you are in the U.S.? Do you get regular rain? If so, I think a once a week watering is good. 
    Last summer in England was very very hot, with no rain, so I was watering some young roses that are in the ground every day. Before I started doing that (in July) I could tell that they weren't right so it occurred to me that they needed water.
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