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    Orchidia said:
    Well it's been a week, maybe time tomorrow to check the cuttings.
    Noooooo!  Far too soon ... I’d leave it 6-8 weeks. 
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    Fire said:
    About eight bits of a salvia Bumble prunings and all have taken. Some have flowers coming - on plants two inches tall. Amazing plants.
    @Fire bit you need to pinch those flowers off as soon as possible.
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  • These cuttings have been on the windowsill for the last 6 weeks or so and roots are starting to show at the bottom of the pots. There is no top growth yet. Can I take these outside in a shaded corner? They are hardy geranium and tiarella.

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    The Verbena Bonarensis and hydrangea cuttings have rooted and been potted on.

    The Wiegela has some early tiny roots but a bit of the stem is broken from me poking at it.  The Pittosporum don't appear to be taking but still appear to be alive. Will leave them for another couple of weeks.
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    I've been out of pocket for awhile.  We bought a 42 acre piece of rural property with a little cabin on it and it has kept us pretty busy of late.  Just wanted to share  one of my few successful cutting attempts.  I have a 3' tall Sanseveria and wanted to propagate some more.  I looked up videos on the net for how to do it with leaf cuttings, but the 6 I did last season died off (or at least I THOUGHT they were dead).  In retrospect, I probably just didn't wait long enough. 

    This year I tried again.  Videos said it takes 6-8 weeks, but at 6 weeks the leaves just pulled out of the soil without roots so I shoved them back down.  At 8 weeks a couple had some very short hairy roots.  I was encouraged.  At 10 weeks my slight tug met with slight resistance.  I was encouraged.  At 12 weeks I could see little point-y things emerging at the base of 3 out of my 6 starts.   At 13 weeks I had this after potting in a temporary pot: 
    And the other 3 starts are a go as well.  I'm so pleased!  It has been ages since I had any success with cuttings.  My gardening skills are expanding their horizons (I hope). :)
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    When my son was small he had a school fete, I gave him some money to spend and off he went, that was in the day when people let their kids go somewhere on their own😀
    anyway, he came back with a present for me, an inch long middle piece of one of those, I stuck it In a pot and it grew, and grew and grew, when we moved here the thing was about 35 years old and 6’ tall, I dumped it.  I was so fed up with by then. 
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    Yes, I understand they can indeed get that tall.  This is my larger one and it is 4 years old.  It has many more years before it will be a nuisance, but I'll move it to a floor corner as it gets taller.   I'm 70, so I'll probably not live to see it get to 6'.   LOL  
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    My success rate so far with cuttings is maybe 10%?
    Just put an osteospermum cutting straight in the ground, plus a bit that fell off a scabiosa butterfly blue.
    Will keep trying with the "Plants that root in water" method. Something other than coleus rooting would be great.
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