I.d. Please

aphill24aphill24 Posts: 6


  • DampGardenManDampGardenMan Posts: 1,057
    Looks like a buddleia (or buddleja if we're being picky).
  • Hazel-1Hazel-1 Posts: 1,938
    That looks suspiciously like a Monarda I’ve just planted up. But it’s only a small one yet,  so I can’t be too sure. DampGardenMan, our buddleia’s leaves look a little different to the picture? You’re probably right though. 
    North East
  • LantanaLantana Posts: 5,685
    I’d go with buddleia - not being a picky soul.
  • aphill24aphill24 Posts: 6
    Thanks all.
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