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Coir/coco matting

I have just seen my local hardware shop selling some coco liner in a roll. It says it can be cut to size to fit a hanging basket, or even used as a light weight path. Last year I bought some pre-cut coir mats to put around small trees or shrubs to keep down weeds. This has worked very well but I found it too thick to cut. I now need to make an access route through an existing flower bed and wondering if a roll of this would work to suppress weed growth. I would have to cut out some bits to accommodate existing plants. I'm thinking I will cover it with bark chips, and maybe it will last two years before renewal. But if this stuff is easy to cut, I'm wondering if it will be robust enough for a 'path'. From what I've read it only lasts a year as a basket liner. 

Has anyone experience of 1) cutting it  or 2) how long it lasts?  Many thanks
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