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No spawn

I have an allotment in which I have a pond and it’s been there for 6 years. In the pond I had a few gold fish and fogs soon moved in, Unfortunately the fish died 2 winters ago due to the pond freezing. When I had the fish the fogs spawned every year however the fish ate alot of it, I now have no fish and still have some large frogs livng in the pond however these last 2 years there has been no spawn. Does anyone have any idea why they have stopped spawning in my pond or how to encourage them to do so? Thank You


  • parkgatemanparkgateman Posts: 19
    Hello , maybe they are the same sex . A few years ago in my pond all I had was a single frog. It used to do a lot of croaking in the mating season , but no luck. 
  • I just find it strange as use to get a fair bit unless I lost one them the same year as I lost the fish but often see 2 large frogs hiding in the same place at the same time, guess I need to find more to add or be patient 
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